Working the Puzzle

Effective research is a balance between creative problem solving and structured investigation. For over two decades Crantford Research has been creating solid and insightful ways to gather decision making information for our clients.

Every year we conduct thousands of interviews across a wide variety of topics. We are equally comfortable executing detailed quantitative surveys as well as the more free-flowing focus group project.

Whatever the approach - internet surveys, on-line discussion groups, large sample telephone surveys, one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, focus groups or something in between – we are ready to find the best design for answering our clients’ questions.

What We Do Best

We know how to match a research approach to a client’s question. Our specialty is helping clients understand what message and strategy will help advance their position among small or large audiences. Our research training crosses the disciplines of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Unique Background

For over 28 years we have remained a boutique firm that works nationally but takes on only a limited number of projects each year. Our focus for the last 18 years has been on developing research to support litigation projects, specific issue polling and designing campaign/marketing plans for clients working on public affairs and policy initiatives.

More Background

Crantford Research started as a political polling firm in the late 80’s. The firm broadened its client services and was hired to do its first legal consulting case in 1994.

Key Development

The firm’s original name was Crantford & Associates. The name changed to Crantford Research to better reflect the main focus of our work.


Our focus for the next ten years is to continue to expand our client services in select fields. Trial consulting and strategic planning for public affairs projects have been our strongest growth areas.

Crantford Research

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Columbia, SC 29201