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Knowing how to incorporate these innovations into a meaningful research design helps us develop the best mix of research approaches for our clients.

Crantford Research has years of experience designing and implementing research in a wide variety of areas. Setting clear objectives, creating research designs that will return valid results, and fielding the research in a cost conscious manner are always our first priorities.

In today’s world of instant communications there are new paths to explore when thinking through every client’s research needs. Having experience with internet based research designs is a requirement with the explosion of web communications. Our decades of experience using traditional methodology allows us to structure web research projects to ensure accuracy.

New technology in telephone data collection is also allowing for new approaches for completing immediate large sample surveys.


Carey Crantford

carey1Carey Crantford has worked in the field of research his entire professional career. Before founding the firm in 1986, Mr. Crantford worked in higher education and for two consumer research firms. He was educated at Furman University and received graduate training at Wake Forest University and the University of South Carolina. Through his academic work he had the opportunity to learn from some of the best analysts, teachers and writers on southern politics, economics and culture.

His interest in the dynamics of political change, public opinion and the economic resurgence of the new south led him into the career of public opinion and market research.

More Background

Crantford Research started as a political polling firm in the late 80’s. The firm broadened its client services and was hired to do its first legal consulting case in 1994.

Key Development

The firm’s original name was Crantford & Associates. The name changed to Crantford Research to better reflect the main focus of our work.


Our focus for the next ten years is to continue to expand our client services in select fields. Trial consulting and strategic planning for public affairs projects have been our strongest growth areas.

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