Issues Do Matter

Analyzing how public opinion influences our political choices is a fascinating field of study. From electing candidates to passing legislation - what voters think guides all levels of our public policy process.

Crantford Research has an extensive background in public policy and voter research. In politics, knowing what it takes to win is a key factor in understanding how to analyze data and make strategic recommendations. With decades of work in the areas of public policy and voter research we have the experience needed for translating data into winning strategies.

Our public affairs work has involved us in a variety of referenda projects including: land preservation, mass transit, alcohol sales, gaming, school improvement, special tax initiatives, libraries, sports arenas, hospital expansion and performing arts centers. In recent years we have seen public affairs projects utilizing more qualitative research approaches for message development and testing. Traditional polling, although effective in tracking and benchmarking the principle dynamics of a political contest, often misses the emotional content of voter decision making. Qualitative research approaches can help uncover these hidden motivations.

Off Year Tracking - On Year Polling

During every election cycle we produce polls and focus group research for candidates and issue committees. Crantford Research also tracks political trends for corporate clients.

IVR Surveys

There are many innovations in the telecommunications world which are making direct consumer and voter research more flexible and efficient. Great strides have been made using interactive voice response platforms to collect almost real time polling data.

More Background

In one year Crantford Research successfully won referenda that secured over $1 billion for public schools.

Key Development

The firm developed a series of polling questions whose results have successfully projected the outcome of every referendum Crantford Research has worked for.


Crantford Research has developed a partnership with the strategic planning firm Strategy Direct. Strategy Direct specializes in developing grass roots plans for public affairs initiatives and campaigns.

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