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The firm’s core services are designed to meet the strategic decision making needs of litigators, marketing and communication professionals. Through both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, Crantford Research offers creative and sensible solutions for meeting each client's research goals.

Crantford Research provides a variety of research related services. The firm offers either complete project coordination or support for specific components of a research project, including:

  • Questionnaire Development
  • Sampling
  • Telephone Data Collection (Live operator or IVR)
  • Data Analysis
  • Focus Group Recruitment
  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Trial Services

For litigators we offer a specialized set of services designed to support trial preparation and case risk assessment. These services include:

  • Venue surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Mock trials
  • Mediation tests
  • Jury Selection Support
  • Ghost juries


Project Support

Crantford Research maintains strong strategic working relationships with focus group facilities and data collection specialists across the country. Crantford Research has the infrastructure in place to execute a project no matter what the demands.

Technology and New Research Tools

Twitter, social networks and the internet are providing new and interesting ways to create research. Internet surveys, on-line discussion panels, and web based background research are now standard recommendations for most client projects.

More Background

Crantford Research oversees all aspects of a client’s project. In 2010, the firm began doing in-house recruiting for all client focus groups.

Key Development

In 2012, Crantford Research successfully used IVR polling technology to track numerous political campaigns. During this election cycle our IVR polling results accurately forecast the outcome of all client races two weeks before Election Day.


Combining mapping technology with traditional demographic analysis is illuminating an entirely new level of information for many research projects. Targeting for public affairs and consumer projects now has an entirely new dimension.

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