Support for Litigators

Crantford Research understands the demands faced by trial teams preparing for court. We know the dynamics of a court case make it different from any other type of communication or decision making research project.

During the past 19 years our firm has developed a set of research services to assist litigators in trial preparation. Crantford Research utilizes a highly effective approach to testing and building legal communication strategies. These consulting and research services help attorneys develop precise jury communication plans through the application of demographic, public opinion and message testing/decision making research.

Valuable Experience

Every year we produce research or provide consulting services for approximately 40 cases. Our case experience spans both criminal and civil matters. We have worked in almost every category of civil litigation and in the last 7 years we have been involved in a number of death penalty cases. We believe our experience in the field of message testing and communication research gives us unique insight into the construction of persuasive strategies.

We understand that each case, each jury and each trial team combine to create a unique communication landscape. We don't work by applying a set of inflexible presentation rules or promoting recycled theories from social psychology. Our approach always begins with developing a complete understanding of how a potential jury will relate to the themes, timeline, characters, issues, and imagery wrapped up in each trial project.

Trial Services

A variety of services such as focus groups, mock trials, jury list analysis, venue surveys, jury selection support and message testing are available. Crantford Research is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants.

Effective Focus Groups

Focus groups are a very powerful research tool in the trial preparation process. Crantford Research follows strict guidelines in all recruiting projects. Carey Crantford’s moderating experience and style are extremely well suited to the needs of legal focus groups. His experience in trial work and ability to establish rapport and stimulate group discussion combine to create an environment for executing productive and meaningful focus groups.

More Background

Crantford Research’s first legal consulting case involved a USAir crash just south of Charlotte’s Douglas Field.

Key Development

In the mid-90’s the firm developed a juror characteristic rating scale that has been a valuable analytical tool for projecting juror decision making tendencies in civil cases.


Fascinating work is being done on creating better visuals to build stronger juror understanding of the key issues presented in a case.  Working with the possibilities available for presenting information in the digital courtroom is a creative challenge.

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